ETS is dedicated to maintaining a certain standard for pest control in the UAE, which is why every staff member goes through extensive training prior to working with our clients. We provide training for those who are just entering the field as well as continuing education for our employees who would like to further their knowledge and develop even greater expertise in pest control.

For those who are interested in entering the field, our training programs are designed to exceed the industry standard. As a member of both the National Pest Management Association and British Pest Control Association, ETS is committed to bringing individuals into the industry who are capable of positively contributing to the reputation of ETS and general pest control community. Our participation in the Organization for Standardization acts as yet another example of our commitment to the industry.

Our training programs include how to detect an infestation and identify the type of pest causing the problem, how to create a treatment plan that will best correct the problem. ETS works with each participant to ensure they have the necessary skills to know what the proper amounts of chemicals are to adequately treat pests while having a minimal impact on the surrounding area. Every trainee will also be instructed on the non-chemical alternatives available to deal with pest infestation.