Termites (White Ants)


The main threat to wood at homes is from subterranean termites or ‘white ants’ Termites are nature’s recyclers; they have evolved over millions of years to become one of the most destructive forces of nature. Their job in the environment is to break down dead and dying tree matter and vegetation into nutrient filled dirt and they play a very important role in our eco system.
So why are termites such a worry to us? Not all termites eat wood, however the termites that are a threat to homes have developed a supreme appetite for wood. They’ll eat almost any timber structure including logs, stumps and building construction elements such as wall and roof framing.
Have you recently found live termites at your home or something suspicious and you’re not sure what it is, like:
• Bubbling or cracked paint on walls or trim timbers. • Areas with mud or dirt trails. • Strange unexplained noises (Scratching or faint clicking sounds). • Damaged timbers and/or window frames
What should you do about termites?
It is very important not to disturb, touch, spray with fly spray or expose the area (termites are very shy insects and may leave infestation areas temporally when disturbed making effective treatment more difficult to carry out).
It is extremely important for homeowners to insist on regular termite inspections of their home and even workplace. A termite inspection is the best way to determine whether or not you have termites and also a great way to learn about hints and tips that will help you protect your home from future attacks from these little devils.
Termites damages
The damage bill from a termite infestation can quickly and this is not covered by home and contents insurance.
One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to ensure your home doesn’t get eaten out from under you is to insist on an annual termite inspection. A termite inspection won’t stop you from getting termites but it will find them if you do and, if you’re having your home checked annually, the damage will be minimised. A termite inspection is also a good way to alert you to any potential risk areas as well as give you sound advice on minimising the risk of a future termite attack.
At ETS we firmly believe in the saying “Your home is your castle” and we know our clients do too. We know when it comes to your home you want the very best for it.