Firebrats and Silverfish


Firebrats and silverfish are grouped together because of their affinity for paper. They were one of the most prevalent pests when wallpaper was the common choice for decoration. Both species continue to molt frequently into their adult lives and may shed their exoskeleton 50 to 60 times.


Silverfish require a humid environment to thrive and prefer temperatures between 21-27 degrees centigrade while firebrats seek temperatures of 32 degrees centigrade and higher. Both species feed on starchy substances including flour, glue and paste but can also digest cellulose materials. These are often found in kitchen areas or commercial kitchens and bakeries.


Inspection of these pests should be done in warm and humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Typical areas of inhabitation include bookbindings, file boxes, wallpaper, glued insulations and textile boxes. Habitat control is one of the best ways to prevent an infestation. Ensure rooms are properly ventilated; remove excess materials that may harbor may provide support to an infestation of firebrats or silverfish.