Bed bugs are one of the most prevalent urban pests and their presence in the Gulf region has increased in recent years. These insects are flat, oval, and nearly wingless and have the ability to survive for up to a year without food if needed. Often, they will hide in the cracks of bed frames and wallboards, in plush animals or curtains, suitcases, mattresses or chairs. Their size makes them difficult to find until the infestation has become severe.

Any degree of infestation is unacceptable as bed bugs can use humans, pets and rodents as hosts. There are certain actions that should be taken to prevent bringing bed bugs into your home including being cautious of second hand furniture or wood, be wary of public laundries which is one of the leading distributors of bed bugs. Areas of entry can be caulked and tightened to eliminate areas where the insects can hide. Space treatments and fogs are ineffective solutions and should be avoided. If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, contact ETS for an evaluation to determine what measures need to be taken to eliminate the presence of pests in your home.