Ants are commonly found foraging or inside structures and can cause serious damage when they are not dealt with. They eat a wide variety of foods including: other insects, meats, fats, sugar and seeds but their foraging is often at random. Once ants are in close proximity to their source of food, their sense of smell kicks in and they can locate food rather easily.

Eliminating an ant infestation depends heavily on identifying the location of the colony and determining what the most appropriate method is. There are a variety of options including to be considered depending on the type and severity of the infestation. The first step should be to eliminate any trace of food scraps in the infested area. Once that has been done there are additional procedures that may be taken to remove the colony completed including: the use of low toxicity chemicals, ant baits, dusts or sprays.

A consultation with an ETS technician will determine what measures should be taken and how quickly you should expect the problem to be solved.