Hygiene Training for Food processing field

Maintaining high standards in the production, processing and packaging of food and beverages is essential to the health of a community. At ETS, we understand the importance of providing the trained staff with all of the necessary resources to ensure they are interacting with food products properly in restaurants and factories. Even the smallest lapse in hygiene can have a detrimental impact on your business in the competitive food processing industry. Every person who participates in our training programs will receive information to begin developing appropriate habits for dealing with food.

A consultation will determine if you have a preexisting infestation that needs to be treated or if you should adopt a preventative plan. Our proposals include protective measures to minimize the risk of an initial infestation as well as the technology needed to detect early warning signs.

Each facility has specific needs and our training programs are individually designed to best address your problems and concerns regarding pests. By engaging both management and employees in these training programs, you can create a work environment that encourages participation resulting in the maximum amount of benefits for your company. 

ETS maintains a strong commitment to customer service and has developed a reputation for responding quickly and efficiently to any problems that arise.