Poor air quality in your home or place of work has the ability to cause major problems for both your health and your property.
An evaluation of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems can help correct a preexisting problems regarding pest infestation, mold growth or rusting of pipework and prevent them in the future.

ETS technicians are trained to recognize potential problems and to develop an affordable solution for all customers.

Their experience in the industry is extensive and their professional approach to any job will ensure the work is done correctly the first time.

In warm and humid climates, there is a greater risk for issues arising due to moisture in the air when compared to cooler locations.

The UAE is one of those climates, which is why it is so important for residential and commercial property owners to understand how and to what extent they are at risk for these types of problems.

While you may believe your setup is adequate, often times, the problems are not visible unless you are trained to recognize the warning signs of poor ventilation.

By working with ETS, you will be able to determine if your home or workspace is properly outfitted with HVAC systems and what improvements can be made to increase efficiency.

Ventilation and sufficient airflow through a space is crucial to preventing both visible problems and those within the structure.

Damp environments are a breeding ground for pests, have the ability to cause health issues in humans and produce strong odors when they are not dealt with quickly.

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