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Not all techniques require the use of chemicals. Certain types of infestations can be corrected using alternative methods like modifications to landscape, trapping or removing the source of the infestation. When pesticides are needed, our ETS technicians are trained to use the lowest level of toxicity necessary. Additionally, our priority is safety and we always work in ways that limit the exposure our clients have to pesticides and the areas affected.
Our services begin with a consultation. In order to efficiently solve your infestation problems, we want to fully understand your specific circumstances because we know each case is unique. An ETS technician will evaluate your property and ask you questions to determine the pests involved and the severity of the infestation. Based on this information and the experience of our staff, a plan will be developed to eradicate any pests on your property.
Our technicians are trained on a variety of systems including HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing). Maintaining the full and proper function of these systems is critical to the upkeep of any building. After a consultation with one of our technicians, you will be given a recommendation on what maintenance should be completed as well as address any additional concerns you may have.
The staff at ETS understands how important landscaping can be to the aesthetic and functionality of any property. Our technicians are trained on the various techniques that should be used to properly design and execute a landscaping plan. From the combination of soft and hard landscaping to integrating spaces for barbequing or lounging, we know how to make your vision become a reality.