ETS pest control, facility management and trading company

ETS is an established and reputable pest control, facility management and trading company in the UAE. Our staff is thoroughly trained and has years of experience to ensure the level of service provided meets and exceeds your expectations.

We offer services to eradicate pest infestations within your home or commercial property. From flies to rodents and birds, our solutions are both effective and environmentally friendly.
Our maintenance and landscape services enable our clients to focus their energy on things other than the upkeep of their properties.

Technicians are available for a variety of maintenance solutions including: HVAC, MEP, interior fit out and plants. Landscaping can be used for the improvement of both aesthetic and functionality.
After determining what your needs are, ETS will begin work to create the space you envision.

Before beginning any treatment or project on your residential or commercial property, our technicians will provide a free consultation.

This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and thoroughly describe the problems you have identified while allowing our staff to complete their own evaluation.

Once the proper information is gathered, we will provide you with a detailed plan to handle any issues you may have.


OHSAS 18001_2007


ISO 14001_2004

ISO 14001-2004

ISO 9001_2008

ISO 9001-2008

2016 BPCA Certificate

2016 BPCA Certificate

(2015-2016)_NPMA Certificate

NPMA Certificate